Briggs Law Office, LLC handles many matters on behalf of nationally-known corporations in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss how we can help resolve your litigation matter.

Tort Litigation:

The firm represents a number of mNew Philadelphiaajor clients in premises liability claims: from nationally well-known restaurants and health clubs, to apartment building owners and property managers. Testimony to our success in this area of law is that many of our premises liability clients consistently send a volume of cases to our firm and have for years. Briggs Law tailors discovery in premises liability cases to the applicable state case law and has won numerous summary judgments in significant exposure cases. Briggs Law has a solid track record of disposing of cases via summary adjudication, well before the expense of trial preparation.

Our firm handles professional liability claims on behalf of insureds and insurers, including both defense and coverage assignment. In defending such claims, we follow the firm’s overall litigation philosophy, which emphasizes early investigation and analysis to determine liability and damage potentials. From public works projects to residential housing, Briggs Law Office represents general contractors, subcontractors and design professionals in negligence, strict liability and indemnity actions arising out of allegedly defective conditions.

Briggs Law Office also handles a wide variety of personal injury cases, from automobile, motorcycle, trucking, and pedestrian accidents, to premises liability and products liability cases. Our firm’s unique knowledge and experience of the litigation process allows our clients to achieve successful and prompt resolution of their injury claims.

Commercial Litigation:

The lawyers at Briggs Law Office, LLC have extensive experience with complex commercial disputes. We represent both businesses and individuals, in a wide variety of business controversies, including contractual disagreements, equipment lease defaults, breach of contract claims, partnership disputes, claims against officers and directors, business dissolutions, and debt collection.

Briggs Law Office’s unique experience – its founder, Norman Briggs, is a trial lawyer first – helps business clients avoid the costly errors that result in the unfortunate expense of litigation. Moreover, this experience gives clients the necessary edge when their dispute ends up in the courtroom.

Condominium Law:

Attorneys with Briggs Law Office have significant experience in analyzing, interpreting law and advising clients with respect to varying types of documents related to all types of condominium and homeowner documentation, including, but not limited to, residential and commercial condominiums, phase condominiums, conversions, hotel condominiums, townhome projects and mixed-use projects, among others. Our firm’s extensive knowledge regarding this unique area of the law enables us to properly advise Condominium and Homeowners’ Association Boards, and provide the necessary edge when an Association is forced to confront the uncertainties of litigation.

Briggs Law Office represents over forty (40) condominium and homeowners’ associations ranging from six (6) units to over 200 homes. Moreover, our firm’s representation of developers, municipalities, design professionals and construction companies provides invaluable insight to the challenges Associations regularly face.

Real Estate:

If you are a buyer or seller of real estate; a real estate developer and/or investor; a cooperative or condominium corporation, sponsor, or unit owner; a title insurer; a mortgage lender or borrower; or a commercial landlord or tenant, we can represent you in any real estate dispute. Attorneys at our firm combine their understanding of real estate and business law with extensive courtroom experience to provide the highest quality legal services.

We have extensive experience representing clients in disputes concerning:Law Firm Clients

  • Real estate development
  • Purchases and sales of property
  • Property ownership and title
  • Construction contracts and projects
  • Cooperatives and condominiums
  • Real estate brokerage agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Mortgages and foreclosures
  • Property management
  • Usage, including easements and licenses
  • Adverse possession

Briggs Law office provides prompt and personal attention to our clients. Our services are tailored to meet the goals and financial objectives of our clients in every case. Our attorneys have personal experience with many aspects of real estate transactions, and this expertise is added to by our ongoing program of continuing legal education. By maintaining a current understanding of practical, modern real estate law, we are able to prepare mortgages, deeds, residential or business leases.

Wills & Estate Litigation:

Litigation concerning wills and estates can be one of the most stressful legal challenges a client can face. There may be court battles over those still alive, such as guardianships and conservatorships, as well as legal fights over powers of attorney, patient advocate designations, and living wills. Probate litigation also includes legal challenges when someone has passed on, including cases involving wills, trusts, estates, asset disputes, joint bank accounts, gifts, and anything else that families can fight about when a loved one dies.

Many probate litigation cases center around families trying to protect loved ones, recover property or money from an outsider, such as a caregiver, financial planner, insurance salesman, or “significant other.” These situations often involve some form of financial exploitation. Briggs Law Office’s experience in this area enables clients to navigate these challenges which are usually compounded by the loss of a loved one.

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