The Briggs Law Office is the product of the vision of its founder, Norman W. Briggs. After being a name partner in a Philadelphia based firm for fifteen years, Mr. Briggs started the Briggs Law Office in September 2007. The Briggs Law Office has offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey, and represents clients in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, as well as the entire state of New Jersey. Briggs Law Office represents national corporations, small companies, and individuals.

The firm’s advantage over other lawyers is the extensive trial experience of Mr. Briggs. Briggs Law Office has represented clients under their "worst case scenarios" – issues that become extended pieces of litigation. As a result, the attorneys of the Briggs Law Office are well equipped to counsel clients in avoiding the uncertainty, and more importantly, the expense of litigation. Contact Us today to work with lawyers who know how to win when it counts most.

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